How Pre-order Carts Work

You now have the option of placing a pre-order for items that will be arriving at Creative Inspirations at a future date. Items will be reserved for you as they arrive in our warehouse.

Pre-orders will process when all pre-order items have arrived and will ship as one order.

At the top of the page you will have 2 separate carts with the item contents of each cart listed for you. One cart for Regular orders and one cart for Pre-Orders. As you purchase regular items they will be placed in your Regular Shopping Cart which may be cashed out when you are ready to process your cart; at that time your Regular order will be processed and shipped as normal.
When choosing Pre-order items the items will be placed in your Pre-order Cart which may also be cashed out when you are ready to process your cart. The items will be reserved for you and held until the all items have arrived in our warehouse. Items in pre-order will not ship until all items in your pre-order have arrived at our Creative Inspirations warehouse.

You will be notified as items arrive and at that time you will have the option of having us ship the items that have arrived; regular shipping charges will apply if you choose to receive partial pre-order items. At that time you may also place a regular order and we will combine and ship the available pre-order items along with your regular cart items. In other words, if you need to add on any regular items you will not be charged postage twice. The add-ons will ship with the pre-order items at no additional shipping cost. Please leave a note in the Comments Section to let us know that you would like us to combine your orders.


For Canadian Dollar purchasers please also note that due to the fluctuations in our Canadian dollar Creative Inspirations would like to offer a PRICE GUARANTEE on items ordered through our Pre-order Cart. If you place a Pre-order at a time when our dollar is lower than the rate we are actually charged when it ships from the manufacturer you will be credited for the difference. You will never be charged a higher rate but you will be credited if our dollar strengthens before it is shipped. Our pricing is based on the rate that we are charged on the date items ship from the manufacturer.

In other words, if the Canadian dollar weakens before your pre-order items are shipped the most you will pay is the amount you paid on the day you placed your Pre-order. If the Canadian dollar strengthens before your pre-order items are shipped (and our cost is lower on the date of shipping from the manufacturer) you will receive a credit to your account. Whichever method you used to pay for your pre-order will receive a credit, whether it be paypal, visa or mastercard.

For example, if you were to choose an item that is priced at $6.99 Canadian dollars and process it through a Pre-order Cart and then on the day when it ships from the Manufacturer the Canadian dollar has strengthened (price now $6.69), you will receive a credit to your account for the difference. However, if on the day it ships from the Manufacturer, the Canadian dollar has weakened (price now $7.29), you will receive the item for the $6.99 you initially paid when you placed the pre-order. You will not be charged a higher price when it ships to you.

This Canadian Dollar Price Guarantee will remain effective on all Pre-orders until your order is complete. In rare instances a manufacturer may remove an item from their product offerings. We reserve the right to cancel these items if they become unavailable and your account will be credited for the amount you were charged for said items.
If you have any questions on our Pre-order Policy please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.
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